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About  Transform Fitness

Transform Fitness was established by Adam Bracken, who has a passion to make you fit physically and train you as an athlete. 

The programs or plans that we implement aim to make you look and feel good like an athlete and be around good health. It calls for personal fitness training, practical fitness training, muscle building, and comprehensive athlete training, among others.

Transform Fitness isn’t just about physical fitness however, it’s also about diet/nutrition and mental wellness. Bracken believes that you need to be fit with mind, body, and soul.


Over 10 Years Of Experience


Almost 300 Successful Clients


The best trainer in Vegas

our  Mission

The Transform Fitness mission and vision is to create an affirmative impact on people by offering physical fitness plans that are best for them at an affordable price. We trust that each person needs to go out and exercise, which are the keys to a sound body and livelihood. 


We believe every person has the right to be healthy. Because of this, we provide as many tools as possible as well as equipment to create an individualized physical fitness experience to the best degree possible for each of our clients. 


In one instance, you like to confer with us before undergoing training or if you have any suggestion, you may reach us on our Contact page. Likewise, we are open to any inquiries and appreciate your suggestions too.

Adam Bracken

Life Coach

Adam Bracken has been training people in self development, physical fitness, mental progression, dieting, and competition prep for many years!